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Lessons from a Multi-Millionai...


Stand out entrepreneur and multimillionaire Rob Drydrek was able to provide some truly amazing perspective on how to manage your finances. The man has done his homework financially, and it shows! I was fortunate enough to have an intimate conversation with him — and there...

5 Moving Tips to Save You Mone...


Getting from point A to point B is a lot more involved when you are moving your life from point A to point B. Chances are we’ve all moved, are in the process of moving, or will move homes at some point in our life....

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8600 E Anderson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255-7436, United States

June 27th
9am - 12pm

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Join Lizy Hoeffer, Shelby Lehman and Javier Vidana for a panel discussion on their strategies and successes using social media to grow their businesses. Lizy Hoeffer has become an expert in staying connected to her database via Facebook, Shelby Lehman grew her Instagram following from 0 to over 3k in a few short months, and Javier Vidana fuels his business solely through YouTube. Panel sessions starts at 9 am! Come prepared with questions on how to use these platforms for your own success!