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Can you use gift money for a h...


Here are the facts: 70% of renters said that saving for a down payment was what was hindering them from buying a home. That’s a pretty high number! I get it, it’s not easy to save -- let alone trying to save when you’re living...

5 Ways To Not Overspend During...


Ohhhh, the holidays…. and holiday shopping!!! How I love thee… well, kind of. Ever go to the store, start hunting for gifts, then somehow end up with 3 new sweaters, an Instapot, maybe some new shoes, and STILL no gifts for anyone else? No??? That’s...

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8600 E Anderson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255-7436, United States

June 27th
9am - 12pm

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Join Lizy Hoeffer, Shelby Lehman and Javier Vidana for a panel discussion on their strategies and successes using social media to grow their businesses. Lizy Hoeffer has become an expert in staying connected to her database via Facebook, Shelby Lehman grew her Instagram following from 0 to over 3k in a few short months, and Javier Vidana fuels his business solely through YouTube. Panel sessions starts at 9 am! Come prepared with questions on how to use these platforms for your own success!