Lizy Hoeffer

5 Awesome Tips For Getting Your Offer Accepted On A Home Purchase

01. 17. 18

The market is crazy these days! According to The Cromford Report, there are 14% fewer homes in the market this January as opposed to the same time last year. The report also showed that we have the same number of pre-qualified borrowers as last year, which means it will be harder for buyers to get their purchase offers to be accepted due to more competition. Now, do not get discouraged if you are a buyer in this type of market, as...

Be the Best Damn Receptionist

01. 09. 18

When I reflect back on my life, the three keys to my success have been: Ownership, Flexibility, and A really good-size chip on my shoulder   The last one may be surprising, but I honestly don't know people who achieved anything truly great without having to battle some internal dysfunction.   Photo Credit: Lizy Hoeffer Irvine   My story is no different. I am the second daughter in a family of four, with a mom who worked two jobs and...