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5 Money Mindsets And How To Change Them!


Wait what!?! Did you just say my childhood???(Insert nervous laugh) Ummm… I dunno, I mean I have to think about it some more. Hmmmm, I’m not sure … I mean I guess I can remember thinking about money as a child … What was my first memory!?! I don’t know it was so long ago… let me think (insert 2nd and now awkward giggle followed by long pause) … Oh S#*% it was the time I called Grandma to pay the water bill!!!

Seriously how could I have forgotten this!?! Its basically the incident that shaped my whole life. It sparked my entrepreneurial curiosity, my fears of being without and the realization that my dad was a poor money money manager.

In hindsight its crazy to think that such powerful moments can be overshadowed by a lifetime of petty drama. You would think that one would KNOW of the HUGE event that subconsciously sabotages their attempts to get ahead… but NO!!! That would be too easy, and would probably eliminate the need for therapists. So joke is on us until one day you find yourself in a room with entrepreneurs learning about the power of “Money Mindset” (from Diana Powerhouse herself) or you learn second hand by reading this blog! 

So what is money mindset? Simply put its your subconscious relationship and behaviors around spending, saving, and investing money. It’s how you act and feel when you have it, what you think, feel, and do when you don’t, and what you feel about others when they have, or have not!

Our money mindsets develop when we are children, but evolves over our adulthood. FACT: You can have more than one money mindset issue, and I personally have suffered with several at the same time. I recorded this week’s Money tip video on the five most common types of money mindset issues.

Also you can learn more about scarcity money mindset from this Forbes article.  

My favorite thing I have learned thus far in my money mindset journey, is that once you face the fear and own your habits, you are free to change the ending! You don’t have to live in the money mindset hamster wheel, you can say “that once was a belief I had until I learned… and now I am…”
The future is ours my friend! I would love to hear your thoughts and learn if you have struggled with the same things! It would be amazing to hear different perspectives on how you have learned to overcome your money mindset issues! Feel free to comment below 🙂