Lizy Hoeffer

Can you use gift money for a home purchase?

12. 02. 19

Here are the facts: 70% of renters said that saving for a down payment was what was hindering them from buying a home. That’s a pretty high number! I get it, it’s not easy to save -- let alone trying to save when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. (but doable! Check out this video for more tips on how actually save) So today, I thought it would be a good idea to throw it back to a very old video...

5 Ways To Not Overspend During The Holidays

11. 25. 19

Ohhhh, the holidays…. and holiday shopping!!! How I love thee… well, kind of. Ever go to the store, start hunting for gifts, then somehow end up with 3 new sweaters, an Instapot, maybe some new shoes, and STILL no gifts for anyone else? No??? That’s just me? But I neeeeeed that Instapot. It’s amazing. All kidding aside, holiday spending can easily turn into holiday OVERSPENDING, and it adds way too much pressure to an already expensive season. It’s bad for...

Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire – My Conversation with Rob Dyrdek

11. 18. 19

Stand out entrepreneur and multimillionaire Rob Drydrek was able to provide some truly amazing perspective on how to manage your finances. The man has done his homework financially, and it shows! I was fortunate enough to have an intimate conversation with him — and there 5 major takeaways that I’ve got to share! (spoiler: I’m giving you a little homework to really take these best practices to heart) In today’s video we’re talking about: 1. Leveraging financial opportunities for results...