Lizy Hoeffer

5 Moving Tips to Save You Money + Two Must-Have Moving Checklists

11. 04. 19

Getting from point A to point B is a lot more involved when you are moving your life from point A to point B. Chances are we’ve all moved, are in the process of moving, or will move homes at some point in our life. Seeing as how my goal is to help you make financially smart decisions when buying or selling your home, I am touching on a very important topic: the actual physical move itself! Moving expenses can...

Credit Score Urban Legends – DEBUNKED!

10. 28. 19

Sometimes the things we hear about credit scores end up being like when a story gets exaggerated from person to person. You know, like that time you saw a spider the size of a quarter in your shower, but when you told your friend about it -- it was the size of your hand... A lot of it is misinformation, to begin with, but when presented alongside fear-based sales tactics… the truth becomes pretty skewed. Today I’m confronting some of...

What is mortgage insurance? Explained

10. 21. 19

What You Don’t Know About Mortgage Insurance (and How it Affects Your Monthly Budget!) When you think of a mortgage, you think of the money you pay each month towards your home loan, right? Yes, this is totally true, BUT a mortgage payment includes more than just paying towards the amount of money that was initially borrowed. Mortgages consisted of what we call PITI -- Principle, Interest, Taxes, and Homeowners Insurance. It can also include an additional payment for mortgage...