Lizy Hoeffer

World’s Easiest Job?!?

04. 01. 19

If anyone understands that you aren’t living your life to qualify for a home loan it’s me! Nevertheless these five things can add extra stress & even prevent you from buying a home all together! Don’t let this happen to you! 1. Applying for new debt!!! I know it’s exciting and they are having 0% interest sale on appliances, but verifying this new payment can delay your closing and even impact your debt to income ratio so much that you...

The 7 Income Streams of Most Millionaires

03. 25. 19

Have you ever thought to google the money practices of Multi-Millionaires? This was the revelation I had about a year ago after a lunch with a good friend who said she was working on creating “7 Streams of Income”. This she said was the common practice of the wealthiest people in the world based on some research study. Up until this point it never occurred to me to do practical research on our countries most affluent, but you can best...

How to make money from real estate investments!

03. 18. 19

If you have been watching previous Money Tip Monday videos, you know that I started my investment journey by converting my primary residences into rental properties. This strategy involves putting minimum money down (usually 3-5%) and occupying the property for two years. This approach made it possible for me to invest in real estate without having to save up the 20% down! This is definitely something to think about now, especially considering we are in a little bit of a...