Lizy Hoeffer

How to Budget and Save for Real Life

01. 21. 19

New year new you??? How about same YOU just more money? If anyone understands the struggles of getting out of debt it’s me! I lived many years paycheck to paycheck and at my lowest point I even refinanced my car to pay my bills.... Luckily my now husband introduced me to a book that changed my life forever “Richest Man in Babylon”. It explained finances to me in a way that I could easily understand and gave me a path...

2019 Market Forecast

01. 14. 19

My biggest goal of 2019 is to pay it forward to all of the people who have helped me on my journey! It would make me the happiest girl in the universe to know that what we are doing is helping you invest and be more profitable this new year! I have recorded my best money advice and will be releasing them every Monday on my blog and on our YouTube channel! It would be an honor to hear your...

How I Got Out of Debt and Built My Credit

04. 30. 18

Guys, nine years ago, Lizy Hoeffer was a hot mess! Sure I had a successful job, I owned a home, and I had a cute dog, but underneath the surface, I had a mountain of debt, including credit cards, student loans and a car that was underwater. I was one car issue away from a total financial crisis. I didn't grow up in a family that used a budget. My mom worked two jobs to make ends meet, and living...