Lizy Hoeffer

05. 02. 19

I know we've talked about mindset before (if you missed that one, check it out here) but I think it's worth another look at how limiting beliefs can actually cost you money. I know that sounds crazy, but it's absolutely true. It's amazing how shifting your mindset can change your life in SO many ways, especially when it comes to money! Remember the old adage, "If you don't ask, you don't receive"? Well that's true when it comes to savings...

Is personal development worth spending money on?

04. 22. 19

When it comes to investing many people instantly think, Stocks, retirement, real estate and while all of those are incredible choices, there is one that most people tend to overlook and that is the investment in personal development. For me this has meant many things: books, coaching, conferences & masterminds. And I will tell you that investing in my education, and network has been the best return on any investment I have ever made. I hope you do not find...

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

04. 15. 19

Hello and Happy Monday! After our last video on credit I received a bunch of emails about what kinds of things would maximize score potential. I recorded today's video to talk about the three most commonly asked questions regarding what is good debt, bad debt, credit usage, and how long you should keep open lines of credit. The truth is that credit usage can be subjective depending your financial situation, spending habits and current credit profile. The tips I am...