Lizy Hoeffer

So what is “Inflation”???

10. 14. 19

What is Inflation, Really? I can remember learning about inflation in school. Germany’s economy during the Weimar Republic falling apart at the seams. Crazed civilians running around with wheelbarrows full of cash to buy a loaf of bread. Let me start by saying, NO, this is not the normal inflation that occurs in our economy. This was an extreme case scenario of hyperinflation and doesn't reflect the typical effects of inflation. Thank goodness! When you hear talk in the media...

Does it make sense to get your MBA??

10. 07. 19

How to Make Economy-Proof Investments Wouldn’t be nice if all it took to put this blog together was some secret that always and without fail, would grow your money if you chose to invest in it? Some sure-fire-no-nonsense tactic you had just SOMEHOW never heard about? News flash: if you’ve ever heard someone pitch an investment opportunity or financial strategy that seems too good to be true, it’s probably because it it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no pessimist, but...

Here is When NOT to Buy a Home

09. 30. 19

Overextended. Optimistic to a fault. Overly reliant. Does using alliteration to share these truths about past tense me make them sound any better? No? Didn’t think so. I’ve shared it before, it’s no secret that I was absolutely not in the right position to purchase my first home when I did back in 2006. But I’ve learned a thing or two since then, most important being how you can evaluate your finances in order to make a SMART home purchase....