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How to Budget and Save for Real Life


New year new you??? How about same YOU just more money?
If anyone understands the struggles of getting out of debt it’s me! I lived many years paycheck to paycheck and at my lowest point I even refinanced my car to pay my bills….
Luckily my now husband introduced me to a book that changed my life forever “Richest Man in Babylon”. It explained finances to me in a way that I could easily understand and gave me a path to debt reduction and savings that didn’t have me become a hermit living on Ramen noodles! 
I recorded this video on how I apply these strategies and hopefully you will get a tip or two to apply in your day to day! 
Also first 10 comments on the blog or YouTube will get a free copy of the book! Can’t wait to see your feedback!
As always friend, please let me know if you have any questions or specific scenario you would like to discuss! 
Make it an awesome day!