Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire – My Conversation with Rob Dyrdek

Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire – My Conversation with Rob Dyrdek


Stand out entrepreneur and multimillionaire Rob Drydrek was able to provide some truly amazing perspective on how to manage your finances. The man has done his homework financially, and it shows!

I was fortunate enough to have an intimate conversation with him — and there 5 major takeaways that I’ve got to share!

(spoiler: I’m giving you a little homework to really take these best practices to heart)

In today’s video we’re talking about:

1. Leveraging financial opportunities for results greater than just short term gains
2. Better places for your money than just sitting in the bank
3. Why it’s so important to educate yourself financially
4. Diversifying your investments ——> for a deeper dive, you can check out my previous video on the 7 streams of income millionaires use to create wealth, here!
5. How to live your life with purpose and passion, and apply that mentality to your finances!

And finally, for your homework: after you’ve finished watching the video, check out the PDF below to create your own “Wouldn’t it be cool…” list

???? Wouldn’t It Be Cool If

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