Mortgage Story – Cassi Sullivan

Mortgage Story – Cassi Sullivan


As a loan officer, I work with all types of clients and while they are all extremely important to me and get my team’s 110 percent effort there’s something really special about helping first-time homebuyers.

For example Cassi Sullivan, she is a young successful, first-time homebuyer who put her home buying dreams in my teams’ hands.

We first met Cassi after she was searching for homes online and was referred to me by local real estate agent, Daniel Brown. Cassi seemed nervous at first but was extremely proactive and organized. Within 24 hours of Cassi’s phone call to us, we had her pre-approval letter and she was on her way to find her first home.

Like many first time buyers, Cassi fell in love with the first property she found, but because she was so new to the process she didn’t immediately want to make an offer. She was worried she didn’t have enough homes to compare this one to, and continued to search for houses. None of the houses seemed to compare to the first property that reminded her of her childhood home. Luckily she was able to come back to this property and make an offer that was accepted. Cassi remained diligent, proactive and extremely speedy during her home loan process. There was never a delay on her end getting us any of the items we needed for underwriting. I think she still holds our team record for fastest conditions sent in by a client! It is no surprise she is one of our all-time favorite clients. 

We could not be happier for Cassi, who has now been a proud and happy first-time homeowner since March of last year.

There are many reasons why people become loan officers. For me, it comes down to helping people with their home financing and being a part of a new and exciting chapter in their lives. It’s literally the only way I make new friends these days (kidding but kind of not kidding 🙂 )

In all seriousness though, sharing this experience brings me so much joy, and it is hard to describe the honor it truly is! Looking forward to sharing many more mortgage stories with you!

All my best!