There Is No Such Thing As Failure

There Is No Such Thing As Failure



I am officially 35 today!!! Hooray! I can finally run for President?!?! Your prayers have been answered… LOL! Seriously though, it’s crazy to think how much has happened over the years. I am married, with 2.5 kids (ones on the way), I have moved 10 times, visited 7 countries, graduated from college and started a mortgage business! I have experienced some great losses with the passing of family, friends and my beloved Papa. A lot of life has happened in these 35 years… Ahhh and if I can be so bold (and because it’s my birthday) I wanted to share a personal reflection with you that I have been thinking about the past few days…

There is no such thing as failure… and before you stop reading…  let me explain why. I have lived my life trying to prevent bad things, that single greatest emotion I have experienced to date is anxiety. I have been so afraid of letting people down, that I became a work terrorist and lost my job. I have hurt people I love trying to live up to expectations that my fear created. In the big picture, the worst thing that ever happened to me led to the Lizy Hoeffer Team,  an investment in leadership, and ultimately I have become a better person. Every rejection, every loss, every let down has been the foundation of the next best thing that has happened to me. 

I can connect the dots between every bad thing that led to an amazing thing, even the passing of my favorite person (my daddy). Losing him taught me the value of relationships. Because he is gone I love harder and I pay more attention. It also let me to a healthier lifestyle which directly resulted in me being able to get pregnant and I am now the mom of the most amazing kiddos. 


am not saying that there is no pain or hurt, but I am saying is that it does not exist without joy. There will still be frustrations, and “I am so sorry” in my future, but instead of concentrating on what is imperfect I will be looking for the lesson and the blessing to come. 

Thank you for reading and indulging this now 35-year-old work in progress! May you live in joy!

All my best!