What is “FIRE” and does it actually work??

What is “FIRE” and does it actually work??


If you live like no one wants today, can you really have the freedom that most of us dream about tomorrow???⁣

A lot of people are saying YES!⁣

A new movement called FIRE 🔥(Financial Independence Retire Early) is really gaining momentum because of its promise of early retirement!⁣

The foundation behind the FIRE approach is to keeping your expenditures as low as possible (this means very minimal personal spending), pay down all debt early, and save/invest every dollar not spent so that you retire as soon as possible!⁣

Is this practical? I say, MAYBE⁣… What do you think?

I break down this strategy in today’s Money Tip! All the pros, cons, and what you will really need to consider if you you take this approach to finances!

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